3.3.3 Positive and Inclusive Climate

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3.3.3 Positive and Inclusive Climate

Another thing you can do to facilitate the development of your team members’ emotional intelligence is to create a positive and inclusive climate at work. The climate in an organisation is people’s perceptions and feelings about their work environment. Many people confuse climate with culture, thinking that climate cannot be changed because it is engrained into the organisation. However, climate can be improved. Climate is measurable and easier to transform, while culture emphasises the unspoken assumptions in an organisation, which can be more resistant to change.

Climate does not necessarily mean more fun and relaxation. It means creating conditions in which people feel productive and innovative. 

The following are management practices that can improve how positively a climate is perceived by people:

Another important thing to remember when improving the climate is to make in inclusive, especially in a diverse workplace environment. The goal of an inclusive climate is to remove the boundaries that are often set by diversity. Practising inclusivity means empowering team members to contribute their skills and perspectives for the benefit of the team’s overall performance and the organisation as a whole. 
The Diversity Council of Australia (DCA) has outlined the following mindsets necessary for you to become an inclusive leader (2015):

A positive and inclusive climate improves individual engagement, enhancing performance. All of these contribute to the emotionally safe environment required for the development of emotional intelligence. 

Many people put teamwork and recognition at the top of the list of keys to improving workplace climate, but each climate depends on the goals of the organisation. Focus on analysing the kind of climate the organisation needs, whether it is about innovation, clients or collaboration. Since climate is something that can be controlled, has an immediate effect and does not require major investments, you can achieve your desired outcome easily.