The Evolation Story - So far .....

In Homer’s story of Odyssey, Mentor is the wise guide who is placed in charge of Odysseus’s son Telemachus while Odysseus went off to war. From this story we have developed some of the mythology around the benefits found in a relationship between a wiser older person and a younger person.

The idea of this relationship still appeals and modern day stories like the popular book, “Tuesdays with Morrie”, connect with this desire. In Tuesdays with Morrie there is a deep relationship that forms around the regular time spent with an older person’s wisdom.

Evolation Learning feels a little like that sort of story. Scott and I (Chris) worked together in my former business with Scott as my employee. I remember our first encounter on the phone and how a casual question turned into me being unable to refuse this persistent young man a job with our company.

Eventually we both moved on from that business but we stayed in touch. Then one day we came up with the idea that we could start a Registered Training Organisation. We had a couple of hiccups in the beginning but we got through our initial registration with nothing major found at our audit.

One year on Evolation Learning has recently expanded its scope to include a broader range of qualifications and are seeing an ever growing demand for our courses. We have expanded and also offer self paced professional development courses as well as nationally recognised training. 

But, at the heart remains the connection between Scott and myself. I am amazed at his energy and capacity at such a young age and feel privileged that we are able to create a business together. We appreciate that people are choosing to complete their studies with us and be a part of this emerging business story.

Manager – Scott Meechan

Growing up Scott was a ‘city-guy’ but after moving to Brewarrina, and was always wanting good use of his time, Scott completed his Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, continued his university studies and commenced several Diploma Courses in Business. Through this, Scott began working part time for an online Registered Training Organisation. In this role Scott provided online support to students completing the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, along with Certificate IV and Diploma Business Courses with this organisation.

Scott found a love for training, and this saw him become involved in the compliance side of the organisation whilst still maintaining his training role. This led to Scott completing the Graduate Diploma of Adult and Vocational Education.

Whilst in Brewarrina, Scott commenced his own business, and provided the delivery of face to face courses in the areas of First Aid, and Child Protection which he would often deliver when he went back to Sydney to see family and friends.

Given the passion for adult learning, Scott allied with Chris and made a decision to start their own RTO together.

Chris and Scott have a focus of providing flexible study to students. The focus of their operations are to ensure that all students are well supported, as Scott has shown in his experience, distance is not a barrier to effective education and learning.

Director - Chris Gribble

Chris’ working life began as an office clerk in a large farm implement manufacturing company in Dalby Qld. After a year he began an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner in the same company and successfully completed his indentures four years later.

Looking for an adventure he then travelled to Israel to work on a Kibbutz. He primarily worked in the farm section of the Kibbutz producing turf for many of the major tourist and residential developments in Israel at that time.

Chris completed several years of Bible College training and worked as a teacher and then Dean of Cornerstone Bible College in Emerald, Qld. He moved to Charters Towers in North Queensland to commence employment as a church Pastor with the Churches of Christ and Baptist Churches. During this time he also worked as a Nurse, Newspaper Photographer, School Teacher, Chaplain and a variety of other jobs to augment his role in the church.

Chris’ interest in education was developed through his studies at the University of Southern Queensland where he completed a Bachelor in Further Education and Training. Chris moved to the Gold Coast in 2002 and completed his Masters in Education (Online Learning) that year. At this time he began applying some of the ideas formulated during his studies to the development of a Cert IV in Christian Ministry. A number of students were engaged in individually adapted learning that sought to provide learners situated learning within their community of practice.

In 2007 Chris moved to Toowoomba with the aim to develop an applied spirituality in the workplace. He became a builder’s labourer working on site with the purpose of developing a holistic mentoring model that produced positive learning outcomes for the business.

In 2010 Chris spent 6 months teaching Business and English in China. This was an adventure and educational experience for the whole family. Chris and the family returned in February, 2011.

Chris currently lives in Toowoomba, QLD and continues to enjoy learning.