BSBPEF502 – About This Learner Guide

BSBPEF502 – About This Learner Guide

About this Learner Guide

As a worker, a trainee, or a future worker, you want to enjoy your work and become known as a valuable team member. This unit of competency will help you acquire the knowledge and skills to work effectively as an individual and in groups. It will give you the basis to contribute to the goals of the organisation which employs you.

It is essential that you begin your training by becoming familiar with the industry standards to which organisations must conform. 

Learning Program

As you progress through this unit of study, you will develop skills in locating and understanding an organisation’s policies and procedures. You will build up a sound knowledge of the industry standards within which organisations must operate. You will become more aware of the effect that your own skills in dealing with people have on your success or otherwise in the workplace. Knowledge of your skills and capabilities will help you make informed choices about your further study and career options.

Additional Learning Support

To obtain additional support you may:

  • Search for other resources. You may find books, journals, videos and other materials which provide additional information about topics in this unit.
  • Search for other resources in your local library. Most libraries keep information about government departments and other organisations, services and programs. The librarian should be able to help you locate such resources.
  • Contact information services such as Infolink, Equal Opportunity Commission, Commissioner of Workplace Agreements, Union organisations, and public relations and information services provided by various government departments. Many of these services are listed in the telephone directory.

Contact your facilitator.


Your training organisation will provide you with a facilitator. Your facilitator will play an active role in supporting your learning. Your facilitator will help you at any time during working hours to assist with:

  • How and when to make contact,
  • what you need to do to complete this unit of study, and
  • what support will be provided.

Here are some of the things your facilitator may do to make your study easier:

  • Give you a clear visual timetable of events for the semester or term in which you are enrolled, including any deadlines for assessments.
  • Provide you with online webinar times and availability.
  • Use ‘action sheets’ to remind you about tasks you need to complete, and updates on websites.
  • Make themselves available by telephone for support discussion and provide you with industry updates by email where applicable.
  • Keep in touch with you during your studies.