3.4 Negotiate Recommendations for Variations to Operational Plans and Gain Approval from Designated Persons

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3.4 Negotiate Recommendations for Variations to Operational Plans and Gain Approval from Designated Persons

Few projects run exactly according to plan. As such, it is vital to be open to variations to your operational plans. Procedures and strategies should be established for managing changes to the original project plan.

These changes may arise from: 

  • Variations to or refinement of stakeholder or organisational requirements 
  • The eventuation of risks identified in the project brief 
  • Project targets being exceeded 
  • Unforeseen difficulties

Regardless of the reasons for these changes, what is important is that your stakeholders are involved in the process of managing and dealing with all possible changes to the operational plan. Just as you have kept your stakeholders engaged from the very beginning, you must continue to ensure that they are part of any processes that you would encounter during the implementation of your operational plan.

It is vital that in your process of addressing the changes that arise, your stakeholders play an active role in making the necessary decisions. Inform them of the need to make adjustments and encourage them to stay involved in the process of dealing with these.

Making Recommendations

The improvements you decide to make should be recommended based on several reasons. When negotiating with stakeholders, you should, therefore, keep in mind the following: 

  • Operational Implications 
  • Risk 
  • Feasibility 

Gaining Approval

To gain approval from the relevant persons for the recommendations you make, you must simply recall the process of consultation outlined in section 1.2. In this section, it was discussed that consultation with relevant stakeholders is something that must be done before, during, and after your operational plan is made and is put in place.
Given the fact that any recommendations to the OP would be made after it has been put in place, you must just continue to communicate and consult with the necessary stakeholders, so they are made aware of the progress, effectivity, and success of your plan. Likewise, should there be a need to make adjustments, you must clearly explain why the need for such has arisen so that they may understand and approve the changes you want to implement.