3.3.2 Mentoring

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3.3.2 Mentoring

Mentoring is a method that is used to help employees who show promise. However, that promise is not backed up by performance. This often is due to personal problems as well as the lack of confidence or motivation. 

The mentor is an individual who is more experienced at the job and who can offer a place to turn to for both guidance and assistance. The mentor is seen as a role model for the mentee, who is a less-experienced employee that needs support. This support comes in the form of the knowledge, skills, expertise and advice that the mentor imparts in the hopes of benefitting both the mentee and the company in the long run.

Unlike coaching, mentoring is more long-term. Relationships between mentors and mentees would often last at least a year or much longer. Through mentorship, employees are able to develop skills that would enable them to improve their overall work performance. More than this, however, the development-driven nature of mentorship provides mentees with an opportunity for holistic growth that would benefit both the company and their professional growth.