2.3.2 Intellectual Property and Your Operational Plan

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2.3.2 Intellectual Property and Your Operational Plan

Throughout your operational plan, intellectual property will prove to be a significant point of discussion. This is because every business has discoveries, creations and processes unique to it, and all these are assets that ought to be protected so they do not get stolen or used without permission.

In recruitment as well as in the acquisition of your resources, your processes will further reveal the value of intellectual property rights. First, in your recruitment, a part of your process would involve getting your candidate to sign an employment contract. This is a step that comes later in the recruitment process, once they have been fully assessed and you have decided that they are fit to work in your organisation. In their contract, there ought to be a clear section that discusses intellectual property in the context of the job and the organisation they are about to enter.

More often than not, this clause would simply state that any findings or inventions made in the duration of their employment would be credited to the organisation, as it is by virtue of the resources made available to them through the organisation that they have come to such a discovery. This clause would also include a clear indication that the materials, processes and other resources that the employee would use as they complete their work tasks would be exclusively utilised for official work-related purposes only. Should the employee need to use this for unofficial or non-work-related functions, they must first ask for permission formally.

Likewise, when it comes to physical resource acquisition, it is important that the resources you acquire remain protected. Have rules and regulations set up to remind employees of the proper use of resources and ensure that no misuse of such would occur. This is especially important when you are in the process of sourcing the materials that fall under direct resources, as these are the key resources involved in the creation of the products your business sells. For services, it is important that the content and processes accessed by personnel remain protected as well. Once more, clear rules and regulations ought to be set up and made available to the relevant personnel.