1.2.8 Information Sources

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1.2.8 Information Sources

Throughout the development and presentation of your plan, you will need to make use of key information sources. These will enable you to come up with an operational plan that is relevant to your organisation. Some of the sources you must take note of include:

  • Resource requirement specialist

This kind of specialist will help you with the process of determining the resources you would need for your operational plan. Their expertise would ensure that you are able to effectively and efficiently acquire your resources.

  • Business records

It is important to always look back at your existing records to find key figures and trends. Such data would help you come up with a feasible plan that is grounded on the right information.

  • Marketing data

Along with internal records, it is vital that you do your research on current trends and developments in the industry and the market relevant to your business. This will ensure that the operational plan you develop is up-to-date and significant in the bigger picture.

  • Other specialists

Finally, it pays to consider the help of other subject experts who can give advice on specific aspects of your plan. These would include the likes of your financial and business analysts.