First Aid Courses


Evolation Learning understands that workplaces and organisations do not always require full qualifications to train their staff, or to meet compliance frameworks. For this reason, we have chosen a select number of individual units that will assist staff in your organisation to meet the compliance burden, and provide them with the necessary skills for their positions

These units describe the skills and knowledge required to provide a first aid response to a casualty in a number of different situations. These units apply to all workers who may be required to provide a first aid response in a range of situations, including community and workplace settings.
If you would like Evolation Learning to attend your workplace to run one of the courses, please feel free to contact us for a quote. At the present time, Evolation Learning can deliver this training in and around Sydney, NSW and Toowoomba, QLD. Quotes can be provided for further travel.

Each student enrolled in this course will receive a Learner Guide for each of the units; this will be accompanied with the Assessment Documents when sent to the student. There are no additional costs for resources or learning materials as these are included in your course price.

There is no requirement to purchase textbooks however students may choose to do so if they wish to support their learning. If students require any assistance with choosing the correct textbooks, Evolation Learning would be happy to assist.

Note: To complete your course you will need access to a computer, internet, word processing software (Microsoft Word is preferred).

The Assessments are provided to Students in a Word Document via email. The Assessments comprise of Short Answer Questions and Project Questions. The Short Answer Questions are designed to assess the theoretical knowledge of the unit, where the project Questions focus on the practical application of the unit.

Upon commencement of your enrolment, you will be asked how you wish to complete this course. After you inform us of your desired choices, we will provide you with the necessary materials to complete the course. For each unit, you have the opportunity to complete them through the following ways:

  • Coursework – Learning Materials will be provided along with an Assessment Document
  • RPL – You will be provided with a RPL Guide to assist you in gathering the necessary evidence from your workplace etc to support your claim for RPL
  • National Recognition – You may have already completed an Identical Unit (Both both Unit Name and Unit Code) as part of other studies – all you would need to do is provided us with a certified copy of your transcript showing this unit.

There are no formal work placement requirements for this course.

  • You will be allocated a Trainer who will be your point of contact for the course, they are there to assist you to complete your course
  • Quality Learning Resources and Assessments are provided to guide your learning
  • Services available to cater for students who require support with their Language, Literacy or Numeracy skills

If you would like to learn more about what is it like being a student at Evolation Learning, and wish to know your rights please read our Student Handbook. We encourage all students to refer this document before commencing with enrolment. The Student Handbook can be accessed through the following *LINK*

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