CHC30121 – Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (Not taking enrolments currently)


Are you currently looking to become a worker within an Early Childhood Education setting? If the answer is yes, then this qualification is to the one for you. 

This qualification reflects the role of educators in early childhood education and care who work in regulated children’s education and care services in Australia. They support children’s wellbeing, and development in the context of an approved learning framework.  

Educators use a range of well-developed skills and knowledge using discretion and judgment when carrying out their work in the context of established policies and procedures.  

They may work independently or under the guidance of others, though in some contexts that guidance may not be on-site. 

There are no entry requirements for this qualification. 

Online with Work Placement/Work Based Study

18 Months

Option 1: $1200 upfront
Option 2: 2 x $625 payments (One on Enrolment and the other 3 months into the course) – $1250
Option 3: 4 x $325 payments (3 months between each payment). $1300.
Option 4: $400 upfront then 25 x $40 payments (fortnightly). $1400 total.
Option 5: $125 upfront then 25 x $55 payments (fortnightly). $1500.

Individual Units are charged at $150 (If you wish to complete single units only, and not the whole qualification).

Please note: An invoice will be issued upon receipt of your enrolment and is payable within 7 days. Where Option 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 is chosen, an invoice will be issued for the first instalment payable within 7 days; additional invoices then be sent as per the payment plan schedule or when you commence the next cluster (Pay Per Cluster). Where Option 4 or 5 is chosen, Students must set up Direct Debit for the fortnightly payments.

Each student enrolled in this course will receive a Learner Guide for each of the units; this will be accompanied with the Assessment Documents when sent to the student. There are no additional costs for resources or learning materials as these are included in your course price.

There is no requirement to purchase textbooks however students may choose to do so if they wish to support their learning. If students require any assistance with choosing the correct textbooks, Evolation Learning would be happy to assist.

Note: To complete your course you will need access to a computer, internet, word processing software (Microsoft Word is preferred).

The Assessments are provided to Students in a Word Document via email. The Assessments are delivered in Clusters with multiple units being assessed in one document. This is designed to provide you with a holistic experience, and not having to repeat the same work over again (unless required by the unit) for units that have overlapping concepts.

The Assessments comprise of:

  • Short Answer Questions
  • Project Questions
  • Case Studies
  • Scenario’s
  • Work Placement

Upon commencement of your enrolment, you will be asked how you wish to complete this course. After you inform us of your desired choices, we will provide you with the necessary materials to complete the course. For each unit, you have the opportunity to complete them through the following ways:

Coursework – Learning Materials will be provided along with an Assessment Document
RPL – You will be provided with a RPL Guide to assist you in gathering the necessary evidence from your workplace etc to support your claim for RPL
National Recognition – You may have already completed an Identical Unit (Both both Unit Name and Unit Code) as part of other studies – all you would need to do is provided us with a certified copy of your transcript showing this unit.

Is there a requirement for work placement during this course?
Yes. This course has a requirement that students must demonstrate the skills and knowledge of the units during a work placement of no less than 160 hours.

Where can the work placement be completed?
This work placement must be completed in a Regulated Education and Care Service with children ages between 0 to 5 years. The definition of an education and care service is contained within the Children (Education and Care Services) National Law (NSW); this definition is consistent amongst all other States and Territories. Regulated means it has to be approved under a regulated scheme authorised by ACECQA. If you are unsure of this, please feel free to contact Evolation Learning.

Who is responsible for finding a location for the work placement?
The responsibility is on the Student to find a suitable place to complete their work placement hours to meet all practical requirements.

What happens if I am already working in a regulated education and care service?
Students who are already working within a Regulated Education and Care Service can use their own workplace to complete the work placement tasks to obtain the 160 hours. Your current workplace must first be approved by Evolation Learning.

Do I have to get approval before going on work placement or completing work placement within my own centre?
Yes – you will be required to provide Evolation Learning with details as to where you are intending on completing your work placement hours. This will be reviewed by Evolation Learning before any workplace is approved. Students are not able to complete any work placement until the workplace is approved by Evolation Learning.

Do I need to be covered by insurance when undertaking work placement?
No – If you are already employed and working in a regulated education and care service you would be covered by virtue of your employment.
Yes – If you are not doing your practical placement as an employee of a workplace you will be required to have public liability and personal accident insurance. This can be arranged for you at a reasonable cost of approximately $160 for twelve months cover. You must let us know before commencing if this will be required so that it can be arranged for you prior to starting any work placement. This is an approximate cost, and we can discuss the exact cost with your requirements upon your enrolment. The cost of this is the responsibility of the student.

What other things do I need to consider before going on work placement?
Students may also be required to complete a Police Check, Blue Card or Working With Children Check, and additional manual handling training prior to commencing their vocational placement at their chosen facility. Any costs for these requirements will be met by the student. For students planning to do their vocational placement, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) recommends immunisation for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and influenza.

Please note, Evolation Learning will gather details about your work site, and/or proposed work site to ensure that it will meet the criteria to allow you to build up your 160 hours of experience.

  • You will be allocated a Trainer who will be your point of contact for the course, they are there to assist you to complete your course
  • Quality Learning Resources and Assessments are provided to guide your learning
  • After you enrol, we design a personalised course plan for you
  • Services available to cater for students who require support with their Language, Literacy or Numeracy

Do you feel that you can demonstrate some of these competencies in your everyday work? We have specific resources to assist you to build your RPL applications. You are invited at any time before, during or after enrolment to discuss these options with a Trainer.

If you would like to learn more about what is it like being a student at Evolation Learning, and wish to know your rights please read our Student Handbook. We encourage all students to refer this document before commencing with enrolment. The Student Handbook can be accessed through the following *LINK*

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