1.2.4 Determining Your Relevant Stakeholders

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1.2.4 Determining Your Relevant Stakeholders

In the process of consulting with your stakeholders, you must first determine who you must reach out to. Consultation should include all relevant personnel, namely:

  • Colleagues
  • Specialist resource managers
  • Employees at the same level
  • More senior managers and other managers
  • Work health and safety committee/s 
  • Other people with specialist responsibilities
  • Supervisors 
  • Union or employee representatives 

Among these stakeholders, the first two merit further discussion. Your colleagues consist of your workmates. Of all the people listed above, these are likely to be most relevant to you because they will be the ones who would be most affected by your operational plan. The plan you develop would likely affect their daily work life. On the other hand, specialist resource managers are trained specialists with knowledge and expertise in seeking resources. They will be the ones you reach out to as you acquire resource requirements for your operational plan.